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Hello and welcome to my review of yournetbiz, the best PROVEN MONEY MAKING opportunity online, please read.

What is YourNetBiz? – It was launched in May 2009 and is essentially a re-brand of (also known as MIB).

The Re-Launch has focused on a lot of the feedback from the MIB members over the last year or so and added more value at no extra cost. All existing members get upgraded and take advantage of the new system.

What is the product? – The product is a home business franchise in a box.

Benefits or key offers include:

1) Personal Business assistant – Who handles your leads.

2) Digital products – Full re-sale rights to thousands of digital products

3) Training and support – Videos, web conferences, live conference calls.

4) A Travel Club – Offering discounted holidays

5) Earn commission off your team members when they make a sale

How do you make money? – There are 4 packages the bronze package allows you to make up to $300 per sale, silver package makes you $700, gold package makes $1400 and the top-end (the platinum package) allows you to make up to $2k per sale.

You can either market the opportunity itself or sell the digital products. Personally I would market the opportunity.

Bronze Package: The lowest package, ideal for those on a very tight budget.

Silver ‘The budget Package’: This is where most people who join yournetbiz start as it offers more commission and digital products than bronze and offers reasonable startup costs.

Gold Package: ‘The next best thing to Platinum’ Offers more digital products, training and commission (obviously) than bronze or silver.

Platinum package: Gives you all of the re-sale products on offer and the vacation club where you get your holiday discounts. (A good incentive to choose this package)

(You can upgrade from the lower packages at any time to a higher package)

If you are on a tight budget then start on BRONZE or SILVER, I would recommend silver if possible.

If however you have a decent amount of cash to invest and want to make big money quickly then go for the GOLD or PLATINUM package

If you are interested in this opportunity then please click one of my links below to find out more.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I hope it has given you a better idea of what yournetbiz is about.

Hope to hear from you soon,

To Your Success

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