Correlations Between PageRank, Domain Authority and Website Traffic

Correlations Between PageRank, Domain Authority and Website Traffic
Website Traffic
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What is page rank and why does webmasters get so geared up when they hear about PR? PR is Google’s way of indicating the authority of a website. The higher the page rank, the more authoritative the site. Note that a high page rank site doesn’t always translate to high rankings. In fact, in recent findings, PR may have nothing to do with a site’s ranking at all. So why do people still go after page rank then?

1) Branding reasons. Perhaps the number 1 reason for getting links from high PR sites is that people still want to associate their own sites with authority sites. There is a branding element involved. The rationale behind this decision is that if high PR sites link to our own sites, then there is a higher possibility that our site will also become an authority site from the perspective of Google.

2) Passing on Page Rank. Rank is passed from one website (or webpage) to another. If many high PR sites link to yours, then it’s likely that your site will achieve a high ranking as well. This ranking will be clearly visible in Google’s toolbar. There are also websites out there that can be used to check for a site’s page rank.

3) The on-going belief that PR leads to higher rankings. There will always be webmasters who believe that the higher the page rank, the higher the search rankings. There is also the assurance that a website is in good standing with Google if it has a high page rank.

What are the advantages of being the owner of a high ranking site?

1) Ability to sell links. The higher the rank, the more costly the links. Webmasters are willing to pay up to hundreds of dollars a month for a PR7 or PR8 back link. Note that it is not easy to achieve a Page Rank that is higher than 4. Usually, only established sites with thousands of natural back links get a ranking that is higher than 4.

2) Higher traffic levels. Content published by authority sites usually attain higher rankings in Google. So the more content the site publishes, the more traffic it receives. If your website is not seen as an authority site, your content is unlikely to rank well. That means regardless of how much effort you put into creating quality content, you will not be rewarded for your efforts.

3) Passing on authority. If you own well established sites, it’s easier to launch new websites that serve the same niche. You can create links to you new sites to help them get established. This takes a little time but since you are the owner of high page rank sites, it costs you nothing to create those back links.

4) Sell affiliate products. As you are able to generate more traffic with an authority site, it also becomes easier to market products as an affiliate. Simply publish the content and embed your affiliate links and wait for the money to come in!

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